Hemp Origins Bath & Body Elixir

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  • Bath & Body Elixir

From the brand:

Our mission here at Home and Body Co. is to offer a superior experience to our clients while providing beneficial and unique ingredients in every product. We believe that you should take pride in not only your body but your home as well. Therefore our philosophy is to delivery beautiful products along with our passion for knowledge. H&B Co. believes in conducting business in professional and safe environment with commitment to continuous improvement each day.

With all of our products H&B Co. is committed to using quality materials that stand behind their integrity and commitment to clients needs. Quality begins with research for the best blends of fragrance and essential oils. We use the finest ingredients to provide natural freshness and delicious aromas. All of our products are biodegradable and are not tested on animals. We ensure the safety of not only nature but also our community.

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