Full Spectrum MCT Oil Distillate 500mg-3500mg

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Concentration: 1000mg
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Distillate is a more filtered version. We use MCT oil since it is the quickest to absorb under the tongue. Just put a few drops under the tongue and you will be relaxed. If not, you may be like me with a couple droppers, but I have had 22 surgeries in 11 years. I used my CBD oil to get out of pain management where I had been for 10 years. This was my result yours maybe different. This is a clear tincture with a taste of peppermint.


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Nature’s Perfect Hemp Tincture, our most popular product, combines a blend of cannabinol hemp extract with MCT oil, providing 250mg of cannabinol per 1 milliliter drop. Place 3 drops under the tongue for up to one or two minutes for best absorption. Each bottle of hemp extract Tincture contains 30 milliliters of oil and provides 30 servings total. This tincture is a Isolate product.

Our hemp extract products are made naturally in the USA.  All products are tested for quality before reaching the customer. All products are NON-GMO.

Our hemp oil tinctures are one of the easiest ways to ingest hemp extract. Simply add directly to your drink, food, or apply under the tongue for fast absorption. We make our hemp oil tinctures using oil extracted from hemp plants. You can use our convenient dropper bottle to easily dose how much extract it takes to reach your desired effects. Orally consumed hemp oil takes slightly longer to take effect on the endocannabinoid system compared to inhaled hemp oil. When using oral hemp oil, be sure to wait up to an hour to determine the full effect of your dosage before attempting to take more.

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