Sesh Supply Phorbas Spore Perc Beaker

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The Sesh Supply “Phorbas,” the originator of the spore perc, is here to fulfill your smoking prophecy. This beaker bottom water pipe contains a 9-spore colored percolator designed to provide plentiful filtration for your smoke. Featuring classic Sesh Supply styling with its colored perc & matching mouthpiece, worked maria rings around the neck & joint, the Sesh Supply “Phorbas” is an all-around bargain at this price point. The Sesh Supply “Phorbas” includes a 14mm flower bowl, but with its compact 8” inch size and ultra smooth percolation, this water pipe pairs great with any 14mm banger or nail to make a portable concentrate rig. Topped off with a classy bent neck mouthpiece to prevent backsplash, this stylish and functional piece is a great addition to any smoker’s glass collection.

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